Sadly I arrive late through the rain a good fifteen minutes into the show already. The first thing to strike me is how much more diverse the audience looks here, and I guess that reflects the cast. More of that at Burlesque shows, please?

Bizzy LeBois, Poison Ivory, and Tutu Toussaint are on stage, and it looks like this is Tutu’s act and I may have missed Bizzy and Poison already.

Storm Marrero is hosting the show, and I recognize her from a Company XIV show. She’s announcing a raffle: “1 for $3, 3 for $5, 5 for $10. The bodywrap is 20, and if you’re smart you can use my hips and ass for that and you will win, that is guaranteed!”

The show takes a break at 20.45. It’s 21.15 when act two starts: “This vagina has not seen anything for four months. I’m ready. Don’t talk to me like that Frankie!”

Pearls Daily gives us some Pillow Talk leaning into a fan blowing.

Storm leans against a pillar in the audience to sing Back to Black.

Perle Noire picks In the Air Tonight and puts that anthemic drum solo to good use.

The extremely flexible Lilin Lace feeds on our collective anger to contort and bend limbs and back into impossible arrangements.

Taradise starts off with Perle, posing separately, then locking arms on the floor, and moving to an embrace dressed in feather fans, as Perle slips away and Taradise switches into ballet mode.

The Seven Deadly Sins close the show together, right before 10pm to Chargaux’s Lullaby.

The Seven Deadly Sins are:

  • Lust: Bizzy LeBois
  • Wrath: Lilin Lace
  • Sloth: Pearls Daily
  • Vanity: Poison Ivory
  • Envy: Taradise
  • Greed: Tutu Toussaint
  • Gluttony: Perle Noire

And it’s only after the show, going through photos, that I realize how well the color lighting worked throughout the show, accentuating each individual performance.

This is most certainly a different style of Burlesque show – less of a slow teasing undress, much more collaborative, and much closer to a dance performance. The music throughout tying the performances together was really good too. Beautiful concept, well-executed – I hope I get to see it again, in full this time!


  1. Thank you for coming to my show. I am happy you enjoyed the concept, as I produced, directed, and choreographed all of the acts! I would like to invite you to see our next Seven Deadly Sins show on 9/27. Please let me know if you’re interested.

    Perle Noire the Mahogany Queen of Burlesque

    1. I loved the show!

      I wasn’t in town on 9/27, otherwise I would have loved to take your invitation. I hope it will be performed again soon when I can make it, would love to see it again and see how it evolves. Thank you!

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