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May 2018 Show Picks

This year is The 6th Annual NYC Asian Burlesque Extravaganza at The Highline Ballroom, happening this Saturday, May 12, 2018!

This annual event aims to bring visibility and exposure to performers of color who have traditionally been marginalized and erased in the history of theater, entertainment & burlesque. They focus on POC of Asian heritage to broaden the racial spectrum in modern burlesque.

For tickets, see

This event is produced by NYC’s one and only Calamity Chang and Thirsty Girl Productions.

This year’s event is hosted by Taiwanese-American sensation Wang Newton, and features an amazing line up including: Miss Exotic World’s Queen of Burlesque 2014, Midnite Martini (Denver), Calamity Chang (NYC), Marianne Cheesecake (UK), Silly Thanh (Switzerland), Crocodile Lightning (Chicago), Coco Ono (LA), Kitana Louise (Nashville), Viva Lamore (NYC/Berlin), and many more!

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Tickets to the NY Burlesque Festival are on sale!

From the announcement:

We can’t believe it, but we are warming up our pasties and getting ready to celebrate 16 years of the New York Burlesque Festival September 27th – 30th. Tickets are on-sale and we have some amazing things happening this year, including new venues and delicious new perks in our VIP levels! So don’t delay, grab your weekend pass today, quantities are limited.

Want to perform? Our deadline for applications is June 18th, apply HERE

And be sure to keep up with us at for cast announcements and more!


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Boss Ass Bitch Podcast: Season 2

Boss Ass Bitch is back with a second season! I missed this when it happened, as for some reason my podcast feed didn’t get the new episodes, but now I’m playing catchup.

The first episode in season 2, or just plainly episode 13 is with Poison Ivory, and it’s a great listen thanks to Poison Ivory candidly and openly speaking about her experiences as the Reigning Queen of Burlesque and as a performer of color.

I left links, quotes and show notes as a comment to the episode. Enjoy!

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Shimmer: a short documentary about Nina La Voix by Georgia Krause

Image Credits: Georgia Krause.

In 2017, Georgia Krause, a NYC based documentarian filmmaker, made a short documentary in the Slipper Room about performer Nina La Voix.

In the piece Nina talks about women’s right to express their sexuality on their own terms, without being labeled as a slut by men who wrongly expect them to be sexually available.

We also learn that Nina used to be an investment banker!

In Georgia’s words, “I believe the piece has a positive message to send about burlesque and the community surrounding it.” We agree, and it’s a beautiful short documentary.

See it for yourself!

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April 2018 Show Picks

While there are good Burlesque shows every day of the week in Manhattan, sometimes a show is special, unique, or simply doesn’t happen often. We want to highlight those events to make sure you don’t miss out! If you only go to one show this month, this is our recommendation.

Our pick for April 2018 is The Chicago Party on April 19th at the Slipper Room.

Featuring contortion by Topher Bousquet, burlesque circus puppetry by Juanita Cardenas & Cheeky Lane, dance by Brigitte Madera, Jonathan McDonald, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Sylvana Tapia, and The Unknown Dancers, aerial by RAVEN, burlesque by Emily Shepard, acrobatics by Team Circus Duo, plus surprise guests!

If one show is not enough, the third version of is happening the day before at the same Slipper Room.

And this week, Friday, Wasabassco hosts Wasapalooza, a tribute to 90’s grunge!

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2017 Regretted Departures

2017 wasn’t all happy news and fun for the whole family.

In no particular order, here are three regretted departures from Burlesque in New York City.

Trixie Little is one of the most versatile burlesque performers around – incorporating circus, burlesque, theatre and humor in her acts, both alone and with her previous partner Evil Hate Monkey (as chronicled in the documentary Us, Naked). She was one of the first performers we saw in New York, and remained a favorite ever since. Their Total Eclipse of the Heart number is a real highlight in duo performances. Trixie has given us so many wonderful acts, as well as extras like her amazing Queen of Everything show, which included the now infamous box of dicks. For what seem to be personal reasons, Trixie has moved to the next chapter in her life, to Los Angeles. Hopefully she will visit New York again at some point to give us her wonderful brand of weirdness!

Stella Chuu said goodbye to Burlesque altogether, performing her final two acts during NYC ComicCon last year at Comic Con Vixens IV. While we didn’t get the chance to see much of her in the last few years as she was already performing less, she certainly did go out with a bang during her last show!

Hazel Honeysuckle has relocated to Las Vegas to take part in the Absinthe Vegas show. Hazel can sing, dance, make costumes, and get nerdy with the best of them, and sometimes all at once (her “You gotta have boobs” song with scrolling LED marquee is great). New York sent her off at Hazel’s Farewell Show, featuring a rare tribute from her husband Scott Hazelton doing one of Hazel’s best acts: cookie monster, including audience-tossed Oreo cookies! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Hazel back in New York.

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2018 Showgirl Calendar

The official Naughty Noir 2018 Showgirl Calendar is here! Featuring Naughty Noir’s most notorious babes; Calamity Chang, Logan Laveau, Amuse Bouche, Qualms Galore, Penny Wren, Trinity Starlight, Gemini Blitz, Broadway Brassy, Cassandra Rosebeetle, Le Grand Chaton, Wendy Blades, Betsy Propane, Peekaboo Pointe and your hosts Puss N Boots and Mistress Ginger! Limited quantities available, order your signed copy today!


Order it now from Puss N Boots’ website!

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Get a burlesque lesson from Perle Noire!

Want to get an insider’s view of Burlesque with a lesson by Perle Noire and a dinner with stories afterwards at Chez Josephine?

Now you can, through an AirBNB experience! $69 for a 3 hour experience with 8 people, and several upcoming Saturday afternoons are available!

In Maryann’s, the host’s, words:
“Experience a day dedicated to your inner goddess in the spirit of a 1920s icon- Josephine Baker. You will start with a short meet & greet before letting your feathers fly in a pleasurable, fun burlesque dance lesson. You’ll learn seductive moves you can use anywhere! The class is taught by Perle Noire, an inspiring black woman and founder of the legendary burlesque company House of Noire. After we’re done (and you’ve worked up an appetite!), we’ll close the day at Chez Josephine with a nourishing dinner and rich conversation about our figure’s glamorous life, and how she can be an everyday inspiration. You will learn the power of pleasure to heal, connect, and transform almost anyone.”

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Performers on Patreon, the LaLa edition: Lux LaCroix, Nina LaVoix

Always wanted to be a patron of the arts, but didn’t know how to beyond tipping at shows?

The Patreon platform is allowing you to do exactly that, and more and more Burlesque performers are taking advantage of it.

In the last few month, two of our favorites have signed up as well.

Lux LaCroix says:
“I am here on Patreon to raise money for my next Performance Art piece I Am Not Your Mammy, Get Off My Tit examining America’s love / hate relationship with Black women. It’s going to be a heavy piece, much in the same tone of my last opus Who Will Survive In America but, raising money does not have to be so serious! When you join me on my quest I will be sure to entertain you with behind the scenes photos, videos, blogs, showing you all of the things that make my crazy world go round and trust me it’s quite the wild and crazy ride. I hope you join me!”

Nina La Voix says:
“In an era where creatives are cast aside more than ever before, sometimes my art has to wait while I hustle to pay bills in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Patreon allows a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience so that performers like to me can continue to grow while my supporters enjoy exclusive rewards. With your help, I’ll be able to practice more, produce faster, and to continue to create my art in bigger and better ways! As I advance, I’ll be able to coach more people to grow stronger in their bodies, as well as creating art that will inspire many to appreciate themselves in a deeper way as well.”

If you believe in their art, pledge your support to these ladies. Other performers we know of on Patreon include Coco Ono, Sydni Deveraux, Perle Noire, Mary Cyn, Logan Laveau, Dangrrr Doll and Stella Chuu.

Know of any other performers with a Patreon page? Please leave a comment and let us know!