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Bathtub Gin (Tuesday 2017-08-29)

On my way back home from House of Noire earlier I stopped by Bathtub Gin, where I sadly arrived late and missed Hazel Honeysuckle by a few minutes.

Sydni Deveraux was the host, stepping in for regular host Boo Bess. Sydni is surprisingly sweet as a host, but the crowd was so loud it was hard to hear what she was saying.

Nasty Canasta did a great act, dressed in a black dress holding a glass of gin, which she expertly sipped from through her performance, and in the end she drank it with no hands at all until it was as empty as she was in a state of undress. She parked her glass between her buttcheeks and proceeded to fill the glass again from her hipflask that now served as a shoulderflask. Cheeky class act.

Gigi La Femme closed the show in the bathtub. She’s from New York but moved to Nashville to build out the Wasabassco empire over there. She performed like she’d never left though, and that black vinyl outfit made her look like Satan’s high nun. It was a good look!

A short Bathtub Gin night, with only three performers, but I was already well satisfied by the earlier show that night, and this was the perfect nightcap.

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The House of Noire presents Seven Deadly Sins

Sadly I arrive late through the rain a good fifteen minutes into the show already. The first thing to strike me is how much more diverse the audience looks here, and I guess that reflects the cast. More of that at Burlesque shows, please?

Bizzy LeBois, Poison Ivory, and Tutu Toussaint are on stage, and it looks like this is Tutu’s act and I may have missed Bizzy and Poison already.

Storm Marrero is hosting the show, and I recognize her from a Company XIV show. She’s announcing a raffle: “1 for $3, 3 for $5, 5 for $10. The bodywrap is 20, and if you’re smart you can use my hips and ass for that and you will win, that is guaranteed!”

The show takes a break at 20.45. It’s 21.15 when act two starts: “This vagina has not seen anything for four months. I’m ready. Don’t talk to me like that Frankie!”

Pearls Daily gives us some Pillow Talk leaning into a fan blowing.

Storm leans against a pillar in the audience to sing Back to Black.

Perle Noire picks In the Air Tonight and puts that anthemic drum solo to good use.

The extremely flexible Lilin Lace feeds on our collective anger to contort and bend limbs and back into impossible arrangements.

Taradise starts off with Perle, posing separately, then locking arms on the floor, and moving to an embrace dressed in feather fans, as Perle slips away and Taradise switches into ballet mode.

The Seven Deadly Sins close the show together, right before 10pm to Chargaux’s Lullaby.

The Seven Deadly Sins are:

  • Lust: Bizzy LeBois
  • Wrath: Lilin Lace
  • Sloth: Pearls Daily
  • Vanity: Poison Ivory
  • Envy: Taradise
  • Greed: Tutu Toussaint
  • Gluttony: Perle Noire

And it’s only after the show, going through photos, that I realize how well the color lighting worked throughout the show, accentuating each individual performance.

This is most certainly a different style of Burlesque show – less of a slow teasing undress, much more collaborative, and much closer to a dance performance. The music throughout tying the performances together was really good too. Beautiful concept, well-executed – I hope I get to see it again, in full this time!

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Room 69: The Hotel Chantelle Way (Friday, 2017-08-25)

At 10 to 10, Broadway Brassy opens up the night with a song about butt stuff to set the tone. She introduces Roxie Le Rouge from New Orleans, who was in the Slipper Room earlier this week, repeating her Louis XIV sun queen head piece act. Dandy Dillinger came out dressed in red for another classic burlesque act.

And then Tiger Bay took it up a notch, coming out in a cloudy outfit with lightning on her head, performing to “Here comes the rain again”. I don’t know how she manages to keep a straight face all the way through, but she did, as she twirled strings with cloud balls around.

10 past 10, Dandy and Tiger Bay came out with tip buckets for a short break.

At 10.30, Albert Cadabra introduced the second set, and quickly brought out Gigi Bon Bon dancing to Temptation by Tom Waits – an excellent song to show off her moves to. Karina Libido followed dancing to a traditional, Oy Tsvetyet Kalina, which you’d recognize if you heard it, and so did the crowd, which ended stomping and cheering when her legs started swinging.

Albert introduced a little drink winning competition, and three contestants faced off. Sadly the first contestant couldn’t handle the pressure for more than 5 seconds, pulled out, and in a fit of frustration ended up running out and shoving a woman on the way. For a second there things got a little weird. Albert kept it going and someone named, appropriately enough, Chantelle, got us all focused on the task at hand again. The third contest was a new arrival who, while a little drunk already, still managed to pull out some convincing moves. At least he made me forget who ended up actually winning.

The show continued with Justease in a daring purple which worked well for her as she got close with some of the patrons, and ended with the always stunning Rosie Cheeks in red.

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Bathtub Gin

I learned the hard way last week that this show starts on time, or even a little early – right before 10pm.

Boo Bess introduced the show, dressed – her words – as a golden Barbie: “I promise I’ll be gentle. I never keep my promises.”

First up was Matthew Holtzclaw. I was standing too far back to see his tricks, but they went over well with the audience. Hazel Honeysuckle followed him, dressed in green and pink, performing a classic number to a sequence of two trumpet songs, leading us into the first break as Boo instructed us to go flirt with somebody’s mom.

Next up was Sydni Deveraux, 9 feet of legs, and flirting with the people standing behind the velvet rope, ending with her signature finishing move.

As is tradition at Bathtub Gin, the last act was performed in the aforementioned tub – and nobody does the tub better than Medianoche, who trashed sheets of water on both ends of the splash zone with her legs as well as her hair.

Congratulations, you’re all pregnant now!” Boo informed us. Yes we all were. Let’s do it again sometime!