Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 10: Lux LaCroix

Episode 10: Lux LaCroix

I sit down with Lux in her NYC apartment to discuss a range of topics including her school life, her career as a choreographer, how her parents met (spoiler, it’s amazing) and many more things such as:

– growing up in BedStuy

– going to school at UC Santa Cruz (banana slugs anyone?)

– being mixed race

-her super cool parents…Barbara is my new hero!

– studying documentary film and her almost life as a lawyer

-working with Debbie Allen

– the pitfalls of FaceBook activism


Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 9: Dad Cast/ Ross G Brown

Episode 9: Dad Cast/ Ross G Brown

This interview has a slice of many parts of my father’s life so far, but does not even begin to cover all of it. I will just list moments it encapsulates…



He Stood in for a Dog in a Dog Food Commercial

His stories of the original KFC Colonel

Movies: Network, Godfather, Airplane 1&2, Movie, Movie

People: Art Carney, George C. Scott, Dom Deluise, The Kool Aid Man

His Radio Sketch Comedy Show with Joel Surnow(creator of 24)

1990s sitcoms

SNL and Lawyers!!!

Ross G Brown the writer vs Ross Brown the Casting Director

The Mississippi

Being a father

Favorite Jokes!