On my way back home from House of Noire earlier I stopped by Bathtub Gin, where I sadly arrived late and missed Hazel Honeysuckle by a few minutes.

Sydni Deveraux was the host, stepping in for regular host Boo Bess. Sydni is surprisingly sweet as a host, but the crowd was so loud it was hard to hear what she was saying.

Nasty Canasta did a great act, dressed in a black dress holding a glass of gin, which she expertly sipped from through her performance, and in the end she drank it with no hands at all until it was as empty as she was in a state of undress. She parked her glass between her buttcheeks and proceeded to fill the glass again from her hipflask that now served as a shoulderflask. Cheeky class act.

Gigi La Femme closed the show in the bathtub. She’s from New York but moved to Nashville to build out the Wasabassco empire over there. She performed like she’d never left though, and that black vinyl outfit made her look like Satan’s high nun. It was a good look!

A short Bathtub Gin night, with only three performers, but I was already well satisfied by the earlier show that night, and this was the perfect nightcap.

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