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2017 Regretted Departures

2017 wasn’t all happy news and fun for the whole family.

In no particular order, here are three regretted departures from Burlesque in New York City.

Trixie Little is one of the most versatile burlesque performers around – incorporating circus, burlesque, theatre and humor in her acts, both alone and with her previous partner Evil Hate Monkey (as chronicled in the documentary Us, Naked). She was one of the first performers we saw in New York, and remained a favorite ever since. Their Total Eclipse of the Heart number is a real highlight in duo performances. Trixie has given us so many wonderful acts, as well as extras like her amazing Queen of Everything show, which included the now infamous box of dicks. For what seem to be personal reasons, Trixie has moved to the next chapter in her life, to Los Angeles. Hopefully she will visit New York again at some point to give us her wonderful brand of weirdness!

Stella Chuu said goodbye to Burlesque altogether, performing her final two acts during NYC ComicCon last year at Comic Con Vixens IV. While we didn’t get the chance to see much of her in the last few years as she was already performing less, she certainly did go out with a bang during her last show!

Hazel Honeysuckle has relocated to Las Vegas to take part in the Absinthe Vegas show. Hazel can sing, dance, make costumes, and get nerdy with the best of them, and sometimes all at once (her “You gotta have boobs” song with scrolling LED marquee is great). New York sent her off at Hazel’s Farewell Show, featuring a rare tribute from her husband Scott Hazelton doing one of Hazel’s best acts: cookie monster, including audience-tossed Oreo cookies! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Hazel back in New York.