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Episode 6: Katie Hartman

Sit back and listen to my conversation with friend of 15 years, comedy genius, Katie Hartman. Katie is a hilarious actress and comedy writer who is one half of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, and also a person I met while at college at Sarah Lawrence.

We discuss our time with the fantastic Fanchon Scheier in Dramatic Imrpov during our time at SLC, as well as Katie’s hilarious yet embarrassing time dealing with the “hair down there”. This is a fun and light talk and I could not be more lucky to call Katie a friend.

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Episode 5: Fancy Feast

A candid conversation with producer, host, burlesque performer, and all around talented human, Fancy Feast. I think I can honestly say, what didn’t we talk about!?!? We discussed Fancy’s time at film school at Oberlin and in Prague, as well as hosting and what it’s like to host for peers as opposed to the general public.

 We also go into the ups and downs of more notoriety on social media, the genius that is Hamilton, power lifting, sex toys, and our hopes for the future of burlesque. In addition, we go in to talking about the word fat and what we might mean when we say it.

Please note that we do discuss sexual assault and rape culture and if this is triggering to you, the times it is discussed are  from around 12:05 to 18:05…

To learn more about Fancy:


Twitter: @FancyBurlyQ

Instagram: fancyfeastburlesque

The Fuck You Revue:

Character Documentary by Leon Chase:

To contribute to helping her kick ass and power lift: Go to and look up Fancy Feast

Thumbnail Photo by: Ellen Stagg