Crash Chords: Autographs 0 comments on CC: Autographs Ep. #78 – Feat. Nasty Canasta

CC: Autographs Ep. #78 – Feat. Nasty Canasta

Image Credits: Francine Daveta.

Today Matt welcomes Nasty Canasta, a burlesque producer and performer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. A producer for Wasabassco, Nasty is known by the tag line “The girl with the 44DD brain.” She was a previously a guest on the Crash Chords Podcast, Ep. #183, where she brought on Donker Mag by Die Antwoord for discussion. Today, Matt inquires into her earliest ambitions and her transition from theater to burlesque. They chat about what she looks for in other performers and the types of acts and shows she identifies with most. They chat about her most recent Wasabassco show “Unstripped Mysteries” (a tribute to the show Unsolved Mysteries), as well as her costuming skills and what goes into creating outfits. And so, from Nasty’s future as a producer to the future of burlesque as a whole, here’s presenting Matt Storm and Nasty Canasta.

Next Interview:
w/ Richard Torres

Tuesday Talk 0 comments on Tuesday Talk #63 – Sydni Deveraux

Tuesday Talk #63 – Sydni Deveraux

An in-depth conversation about burlesque, being a naked lady online, not feeding the trolls, rock music and acclimating to NYC with Sydni Deveraux.

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The Cliff Notes

  1. Thumbnail Photography by
  2. The Laziest Way to have your Coffee
  3. Burlesque
  4. Competition Flute Player
  5. Vocal Jazz
  6. Some Shooby Doo-Wops
  7. Smashing Pumpkins
  8. The Cranberries
  9. Miles Davis – Kind Blue 
  10. John Coltrane – Blue Train
  11. Ella Fitzgerald – Greatest Hits
  12. Sarah Vaughan
  13. Ella and Louis
  14. Billie Holiday
  15. Pin-Up Modeling
  16. Suicide Girls
  17. DYI of Burlesque
  18. Ray Charles – Mary Ann
  19. Falling into Her Passion
  20. Acclimating to New York
  21. Reliability in NYC is a Premium
  22. Stuck on the Subway
  23. The Legends of Burlesque
  24. Blaze Starr
  25. Tempest Storm
  26. Dixie Evans
  27. Toni Elling
  28. Dirty Martini
  29. Miss Indigo Blue
  30. Michelle L’amour
  31. Julie Atlas Muz
  32. Tigger Boylesque
  33. Dita Von Teese
  34. Catherine D’Lish
  35. Being a Rockstar Ruckus on Stage
  36. Professional Kittens
  37. Paris is Burning
  38. Perle Noire
  39. Led Zeppelin
  40. Bathtub Gin
  41. Doc Wasabassco
  42. Nasty Canasta
  43. Stripping Dancing Sandwich
  44. The Sociology of Sexuality
  45. Being a Naked Lady Online
  46. Not Here to Escort or Call Girl
  47. DJ Kool Herc
  48. Coco Chanel
  49. Yves Saint Laurent
  50. How did History Inform their Journey
  51. Giuseppe González
  52. Duke Ellington’s Harlem Nocturne
  53. Bumps and Grinds
  54. The Johnny Staccato Band – Three For the show
  55. Man with the Golden Arm – Elmer Bernstein
  56. Sounds of New York
  57. Mister Softee
  58. Last Car of the L Train
  59. Don’t Feed the Trolls
  60. Creating a Venue
  61. Black Sabbath 
  62. AC/DC
  63. Woodstock
  64. Seattle Space Needle
  65. Experience Music Project Museum
  66. Tamir Rice
  67. Freddie Gray
  68. Big Brother and the Holding Company
  69. Janis Joplin
  70. Jimi Hendricks
  71. Cream
  72. Virtue Signaling and Superfluous Words
  73. Animaniacs
  74. Super Bleeding Heart for the Animals

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Boss Ass Bitch 1 comment on Episode 12: Corvette LeFace

Episode 12: Corvette LeFace

I sit down with Corvette to discuss a rainbow of things:


– our past in Viewpoints, and Waldorf education

– how she feels she is first and foremost a performer, then an actor

-Being a member of The Bats at the Flea Theater, as well as an apprentice for the Williamstown Theater Festival

-the influence of RuPaul and later Drag Race on her 

-the Godfather

-writing a TV pilot

-her pure, undeniable awesomeness!!!

Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 11: Chris Harder

Episode 11: Chris Harder

An In-Depth Conversation with porn star, burlesque star, actor, director, writer, producer, and all around amazing person Chris Harder.


We discuss a variety of things from Chris’ new show #BigBrightStar, the aspects of a Live Sex Show, what it means to be the “best porn star you can be”, producing one’s body, the evolution of Chris Harder, Nancy Drew and Nasty Drew, as well as our love of theater.





Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 10: Lux LaCroix

Episode 10: Lux LaCroix

I sit down with Lux in her NYC apartment to discuss a range of topics including her school life, her career as a choreographer, how her parents met (spoiler, it’s amazing) and many more things such as:

– growing up in BedStuy

– going to school at UC Santa Cruz (banana slugs anyone?)

– being mixed race

-her super cool parents…Barbara is my new hero!

– studying documentary film and her almost life as a lawyer

-working with Debbie Allen

– the pitfalls of FaceBook activism


Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 9: Dad Cast/ Ross G Brown

Episode 9: Dad Cast/ Ross G Brown

This interview has a slice of many parts of my father’s life so far, but does not even begin to cover all of it. I will just list moments it encapsulates…



He Stood in for a Dog in a Dog Food Commercial

His stories of the original KFC Colonel

Movies: Network, Godfather, Airplane 1&2, Movie, Movie

People: Art Carney, George C. Scott, Dom Deluise, The Kool Aid Man

His Radio Sketch Comedy Show with Joel Surnow(creator of 24)

1990s sitcoms

SNL and Lawyers!!!

Ross G Brown the writer vs Ross Brown the Casting Director

The Mississippi

Being a father

Favorite Jokes!


Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 8: Ivory Fox

Episode 8: Ivory Fox

I sit down over a plate of meat and cheese with the extraordinary performer Ivory Fox as we discuss her childhood in gymnastics and ballet and moving in to NYU dance school and auditions and our thoughts on musical theater and beyond.

Ivory is an uber talented performer in many arenas including theater, burlesque, circus, and beyond. She commands a stage and her recent performance art BHOF supports my statements.

Knowing your dream is one thing, but persevering no matter what is something I am most interested in and Ivory does that in spades. Come listen to our laughs and moments!


Ivory Fox is a teacher at Body and Pole in NYC

She performs regularly with Wasabassco Burlesque, at Duane Park, and was recently in the Bindlestiff Family Circus show!

Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 7: Bettina May

Episode 7: Bettina May

A candid conversation with the multi-talented Bettina May. As an artist and activist, Bettina talks about what it is like to be a Canadian Greencard holder in this “new America”, the reason failure isn’t a bad thing, and the joys of ride sharing among a bevy of other fun and interesting topics.

Most importantly we discuss making your own art and working towards different goals. In coming weeks I am hoping to discuss more with people about what the triumphs and pitfalls of being a working artist is and what failures and successes can teach us!


If you are interested in supporting Bettina and her work, this is the link to her Patreon:

For general information and show/tour dates:

The Tarantino movie we are referring to is: GrindHouse, DeathProof, Act Two

Boss Ass Bitch 0 comments on Episode 6: Katie Hartman

Episode 6: Katie Hartman

Sit back and listen to my conversation with friend of 15 years, comedy genius, Katie Hartman. Katie is a hilarious actress and comedy writer who is one half of Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, and also a person I met while at college at Sarah Lawrence.

We discuss our time with the fantastic Fanchon Scheier in Dramatic Imrpov during our time at SLC, as well as Katie’s hilarious yet embarrassing time dealing with the “hair down there”. This is a fun and light talk and I could not be more lucky to call Katie a friend.