I learned the hard way last week that this show starts on time, or even a little early – right before 10pm.

Boo Bess introduced the show, dressed – her words – as a golden Barbie: “I promise I’ll be gentle. I never keep my promises.”

First up was Matthew Holtzclaw. I was standing too far back to see his tricks, but they went over well with the audience. Hazel Honeysuckle followed him, dressed in green and pink, performing a classic number to a sequence of two trumpet songs, leading us into the first break as Boo instructed us to go flirt with somebody’s mom.

Next up was Sydni Deveraux, 9 feet of legs, and flirting with the people standing behind the velvet rope, ending with her signature finishing move.

As is tradition at Bathtub Gin, the last act was performed in the aforementioned tub – and nobody does the tub better than Medianoche, who trashed sheets of water on both ends of the splash zone with her legs as well as her hair.

Congratulations, you’re all pregnant now!” Boo informed us. Yes we all were. Let’s do it again sometime!

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