On this rainy Wednesday I make haste from Nurse Bettie to the Slipper Room.

Walt Whitman is on stage, and introduces Sean Blue, who deftly throws a whole lot of rings around. That takes us to the intermission already, and Stormy Leather comes out with the tip bucket while Puss-N-Boots starts of the go-go in green, followed by Madame Rosebud, who, apart from swallowing a full hand holding a bill, keeps it uncharacteristically low-key on the gogo box tonight. Madame Rosebud was an unannounced performer tonight, most likely falling in for Emily Shephard who was on the bill but did not show up tonight.

There is royalty in the audience tonight – I spot Albert Cadabra, Gigi Bon Bon, Ellie Steingraeber, Cassandra Rosebeetle and Lucy Licious all in attendance.

For the second set, Go goat boy replaces Walt Whitman. I don’t think I’ve seen Goat Boy before, because I think I would remember, because this act still needs some work to stitch the performances together – the audience clearly appreciated the performances more than the MC. Maybe with more time and less obvious jokes it could be a good act.

Anyway, we came for the performances, and Puss-N-Boots certainly delivered as The Cat Woman – a shame I can’t find The Marketts song on Spotify.

Chipps Cooney showed us why the Magician’s Guild has threatened to take his license away. I certainly appreciate his deadpan delivery of magic trick explanations.

I had never seen Broody Valentino perform before, but I like what I saw and he would make a great addition to the monthly Boylesque nights! The audience certainly enjoyed the performance.

Rosebud does her David Bowie tribute, and while Freddie Mercury had no trouble coming after David Bowie, he would probably not have enjoyed the pantomimed pan flute rendition of “I want to break free” that Goat Boy gives us. At least it expresses what we all feel in the moment, and I have a feeling that was the whole point of the act.

Sean Blue is a welcome return, this time showering the audience in balls, and actually stripping while keeping his juggle going. At one point, he goes into the audience to ask for help to unbuckle his belt, and then when he’s just in his underwear he goes around the room sitting on people’s laps while keeping his balls in the air. He ends his act by juggling the clothes he just took off.

Stormy Leather closes the night with her amazing “Mrs. Robinson” act, ending naked save for the rope dress she just fit to her body. A classic.

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