Sir Richard Castle opened the evening’s proceedings around 22.20 with a morning wake-up routine that ended with shooting the TV talking about trump. “And that is how you keep production costs low!”

First up is Roxie Le Rouge, from New Orleans, in a classic pink tutu, swinging her leg high, doing a burlesque act that matches the outfit and song in timeliness.

“You’re putting on a fake English accent. That is offensive and vaguely arousing.” chided Sir Castle to an audience member.

Cheeky Lane came out dressed in a beautiful red dress dotted with big roses to the theme song from Virgin Suicides (if you’re old enough to remember that Coppola movie). Her work wife Gal Friday came out dressed in purple for a ride on the night train.

That brought us to the intermission at 11, with Roxie coming out for the gogo and Cheeky going round with the tip bucket.

In the second half, Sir Castle worked the crowd, and brought Lisa from Iceland on stage to share a few cigarettes. “If you’re bored, this is art,” he quipped as he got dressed again.

“They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I say the asshole is the window to the prostate.”

As he asked for bachelorettes in the room, there was one, getting married to another woman who wasn’t in the audience that night.

  • “Oh, a true lesbian bachelorette evening! What’s your name, dear?”
  • “Ember”
  • “Ooooooh, hot!”

Cheeky came out as Ganesha, and even if I’ve seen this act quite a few times, it’s still a favorite. Roxie did a second act wearing a Louis XIV sun queen head piece. And Gal Friday closed the night’s set in orange to Isaac Hayes.

If you were hoping to get Cheeky and Gal do an act together or clown out together on the go go box, tonight was not your night – but Gal still left it all on the go go box.

On to the next show.

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