Grace Gotham is your host at Sid Gold’s Request Room every fourth Tuesday of the month for Peel Me a Glove.

With the help of Chris Johnson on piano, Grace sings a tweaked take on The Coffee Song.

Chris Johnson invites the audience to sing along on “Stuck in the middle with you”, but feigning disappointment in the audience participation, he quips: “You’re here for I other things. That’s ok. Me too.”

When Grace comments on him only learning that song the day before, he retorts “I mean it’s three chords. I’ve played those three chords before. Just not together.”

Grace shares that she’s celebrating 19 years of living in New York, and adapts a jazzy version of Englishman in New York.

Karina Libido is tonight’s stage kitten, and Grace runs us through her two truths and a lie:

  • She was interviewed on BBC
  • She won a mud wrestling match with the title “the dirtiest thing”
  • She was arrested by a policeman for drinking alcohol on a trans-continental train with said policeman

It turns out that she wasn’t actually drinking when the policeman saw here, but he claimed that it was illegal to have an open bottle of alcohol on the train, so she should drink it. Which she did, after which he arrested her for the actual felony – drinking on a train!

We were a good half hour into the show before the first act started. Luckily, it was a good one: Sapphire Jones came out as a pineapple to Escape (which is better known for it’s Colada’d refrain). And in case you were wondering, while she wasn’t featured in Pretty Little Liars, she is a passer-by in Spider-man 3 and was featured in UFC magazine (but not as a fighter).

And with that, we hit the intermission.

Grace came out for her act, and while I did catch that the big thing she was holding was a tampon. I only connected it to the actual song played after I got home. Well played. “That outfit took a lot of trips to Duane Reade” she shared.

The set closed with one of my favorite performers: Gal Friday, the five alarm fire of burlesque – dressed in purple.
Towards the end of the set, she took a guy’s phone and clenched it between her cheeks – the ones in the back. Only at the end of the set did she return it – or rather, let the guy take his phone back.

“That’s what show girls go when we need a new iPhone!” Grace said, as she introduced us to Gal’s two truths and a lie:

  • She does not care about reality TV shows
  • Her mother is a tattoo biker
  • She once punched a guy off the go go box

She did in fact once punch a guy, after he had already spanked her unannounced once, and really went for it a second time. So did she, punching him over the head, and knocking him off the gogo box. I say, good on her – consent is key, and some men need to learn the hard way!

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