I hadn’t heard about Naughty Noir before, so I was glad to see a new show. This show has more of a rock’n’roll/biker bar vibe, with a lot of gogo dancing inbetween a few performances. Puss-N-Boots is the host, and the show is after midnight.

It seemed to be a place where other performers come as well. I saw Logan Laveau in the audience, and Ms Puss n Boots announced that Velvetina Taylor was in there too, celebrating her birthday!

Ms Boots introduced the first performer by calling her her favorite ass in burlesque. “I mean, I’m biased, I like everything about everyone. But I’m partial to her. I’m her friend so she sends me nudes, saying ‘this is what I look like in the morning'”. Dandy Dillinger came out wearing a mask and big hair, and flowers in her hair. A lot of work went into that costume, it looked like! After five songs of gogo, Penny Wren was next. I really liked her black and white triangles dress. Puss-N-Boots was last, and I can’t remember whether it was during her act or during gogo that she took a pony ride on one of the photographers (and it seems there were many).


  1. Oh! And it’s every second Thursday of the month at midnight. Our next show, December 14th, we will be releasing our 2018 Showgirl Calendar featuring Calamity Chang, Peek a Boo Point, Qualms Galore, Amuse Bouche, Wendy Blades, Betsy Propane, Broadway Brassy, Logan Laveau, Gemini Blitz, Trinity Starlight, Le Grand Chaton, Mistress Ginger, Penny Wren, Cassandra Rosebeetle and myself, Puss N Boots! Thanks again for coming by and thanks for the site!

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