Help fund Delysia La Chatte‘s Meow startup business!

From her page:

I am a young African American woman from the South Bronx (South Bronx Forever) working in the fields of visual art, fashion and performance. It’s been my life long dream to own my own business and express my personality and independence through fusing my three passions. The result is La Chatte’s Meow!

Even if just a small amount of my friends and followers will contribute $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 etc. to my campaign, I will be well on my way to success. It may sound like a modest “ask” but it will have an enormous result. You will be investing in a strong independent, proud, black woman who will never forget your help and will support you and your endeavors in any way I can.

Receiving your help now will go a long way towards helping me with my business loan and securing my inventory (I’d be almost 20% of the way there, and I can do the rest!)

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