Stormageddon is a host, DJ, podcaster and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He deejays shows for Wasabassco, The Pink Room, Rabbit Hole Productions, D20 Burlesque and of course he is the official DJ of the Nerdlesque Festival. He also hosts, deejays and is a producing member of Magical Girl Burlesque. He has three different podcasts he hosts, CC: Autographs – a bi-weekly interview podcast and the “Fun” and Games Podcast – a bi-weekly video discussion and analysis podcast. All of his podcasts can be found on most podcast hosting providers.

He is nerdy about a great many things like video games, board games, TV, movies and comics but none of that rivals his nerdy love of music of all different kinds. He’s on a crusade to save the world one song at a time and he loves creating theme specific playlists for the many shows and parties he works.