Image Credits: Ben Trivett.

The sultry and seductive Brooklyn-based burlesque performer whose sweet flirtations are coveted no matter where you land on the Kinsey Scale.

Growing up, Drag Queens were her prophets and Betty Rizzo was her god. Now in adulthood, Qualms has become the aggressively femme, black Barbie doll she fantasized about as a child.

With intention behind every action and nary a word spoken on stage, the “Queen of the Quiet Fuck You” uses sophisticated musicality to remove her clothing in a fashion so smoldering she can scandalize an audience with the calculated raise of an eyebrow. Notorious for her teeny tiny G-strings and ineffable smile, Galore’s personal style of delicate movements and grandiose glamour fascinates onlookers to the edge of hysteria before providing a crescendo, a release, and permission to breathe once again.

(from her website)