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Episode 5: Fancy Feast

A candid conversation with producer, host, burlesque performer, and all around talented human, Fancy Feast. I think I can honestly say, what didn’t we talk about!?!? We discussed Fancy’s time at film school at Oberlin and in Prague, as well as hosting and what it’s like to host for peers as opposed to the general public.

 We also go into the ups and downs of more notoriety on social media, the genius that is Hamilton, power lifting, sex toys, and our hopes for the future of burlesque. In addition, we go in to talking about the word fat and what we might mean when we say it.

Please note that we do discuss sexual assault and rape culture and if this is triggering to you, the times it is discussed are  from around 12:05 to 18:05…

To learn more about Fancy:


Twitter: @FancyBurlyQ

Instagram: fancyfeastburlesque

The Fuck You Revue:

Character Documentary by Leon Chase:

To contribute to helping her kick ass and power lift: Go to and look up Fancy Feast

Thumbnail Photo by: Ellen Stagg

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Episode 4: Pearls Daily

I got to sit down with the powerhouse of entertainment that is Pearls Daily. We discuss her time performing on a Disney Cruise ship, just a touch on her work in commercials, her love of style and fashion and how to translate into how you carry yourself everyday. In addition, Pearls has a deeply love of everything she does and her zest and desire to do what she wants translates in to an excellent lesson in to how to pursue your dreams and re-evaluate so you can keep doing what you love. And there is the ultimate question we touch on briefly…What Do You Want?!?!

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Episode 3. ZERO Part 2

Yes, that’s right, another week of just the dulcet sounds of my voice, as Alaska seemed to be untamable….or I was too distracted by performing, friends, and DOGSLEDDING!!!  Hear my talk about my Alaskan adventures, including Koots, the Great Alaska Bush Company, and the Alaskan Mushing School.

I also go in to a brief moment of why I use the term, “Don’t shit on my dessert”.


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Episode 3. ZERO Sapphire is in Alaska

There is no new episode this week as I am in Alaska for the Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival. I do have a few book recommendations (His Dark Materials anyone?!?) as well as some of my favorite new TV shows….and my extreme love/hate relationship with having recently started Grey’s Anatomy…T.R. Knight, you should still be on that show! I’ll be interviewing people while in Alaska as well as going Dog Sledding!!! Stay Tuned.

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Episode 2: Ellen Stagg

A Candid Conversation with Naked Lady Photographer Ellen Stagg. We discuss a range of topics from her latest book, to objectification vs. exploitation, to her dealing with having a parathyroid tumor and the road to getting it diagnosed and removed. Ellen has an amazing eye for capturing the beauty and sensuality of women and it can be seen in her fine art photography, to her Erotic Art on   She is currently selling her book Dirty Girl Collection on Amazon and her Etsy Shop:   


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Anna Bridgforth aka BooBess

A candid conversation with actress, burlesque performer and emcee, and all around good person, Anna Bridgforth. We cover a range of topics including FaceBook click ability, politics, making art, and what is branding. There is also an epic moment of what Anna’s Oscar speech would be!!!