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Performers on Patreon, the LaLa edition: Lux LaCroix, Nina LaVoix

Always wanted to be a patron of the arts, but didn’t know how to beyond tipping at shows?

The Patreon platform is allowing you to do exactly that, and more and more Burlesque performers are taking advantage of it.

In the last few month, two of our favorites have signed up as well.

Lux LaCroix says:
“I am here on Patreon to raise money for my next Performance Art piece I Am Not Your Mammy, Get Off My Tit examining America’s love / hate relationship with Black women. It’s going to be a heavy piece, much in the same tone of my last opus Who Will Survive In America but, raising money does not have to be so serious! When you join me on my quest I will be sure to entertain you with behind the scenes photos, videos, blogs, showing you all of the things that make my crazy world go round and trust me it’s quite the wild and crazy ride. I hope you join me!”

Nina La Voix says:
“In an era where creatives are cast aside more than ever before, sometimes my art has to wait while I hustle to pay bills in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Patreon allows a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience so that performers like to me can continue to grow while my supporters enjoy exclusive rewards. With your help, I’ll be able to practice more, produce faster, and to continue to create my art in bigger and better ways! As I advance, I’ll be able to coach more people to grow stronger in their bodies, as well as creating art that will inspire many to appreciate themselves in a deeper way as well.”

If you believe in their art, pledge your support to these ladies. Other performers we know of on Patreon include Coco Ono, Sydni Deveraux, Perle Noire, Mary Cyn, Logan Laveau, Dangrrr Doll and Stella Chuu.

Know of any other performers with a Patreon page? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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Travel Alert: Coco Ono, October 12th-16th

Coco Ono, one of Los Angeles’s Bootleg Bombshells, is coming to New York for the weekend!

You can catch her performing three times:

  1. On Thursday October 12th, in Spanking the Lower East Side at Nurse Bettie
  2. at 10pm

  3. On Friday October 13th, at The Slipper Room Show at 9.30pm
  4. On Sunday October 15th, at Le Souk, a restaurant/hookah lounge with late night burlesque performances (starting at 12.30am)

Don’t miss your chance to see one of LA’s most creative burlesque performers while she’s in New York!

News 0 comments on Help fund Delysia La Chatte’s startup “Meow” on GoFundMe!

Help fund Delysia La Chatte’s startup “Meow” on GoFundMe!

Help fund Delysia La Chatte‘s Meow startup business!

From her page:

I am a young African American woman from the South Bronx (South Bronx Forever) working in the fields of visual art, fashion and performance. It’s been my life long dream to own my own business and express my personality and independence through fusing my three passions. The result is La Chatte’s Meow!

Even if just a small amount of my friends and followers will contribute $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 etc. to my campaign, I will be well on my way to success. It may sound like a modest “ask” but it will have an enormous result. You will be investing in a strong independent, proud, black woman who will never forget your help and will support you and your endeavors in any way I can.

Receiving your help now will go a long way towards helping me with my business loan and securing my inventory (I’d be almost 20% of the way there, and I can do the rest!)